The "So What" Factor

Nothing like a spot-on satire to help you take yourself less seriously:
Leon Rothberg, Ph.D., a 58-year-old professor of English Literature at Ohio State University, was shocked and saddened Monday after receiving a sub-par mid-semester evaluation from freshman student Chad Berner. The circles labeled 4 and 5 on the Scan-Tron form were predominantly filled in, placing Rothberg’s teaching skill in the “below average” to “poor” range.

Although the evaluation has deeply hurt Rothberg’s feelings, Berner defended his judgment at a press conference yesterday.

“That class is totally boring,” said Berner, one of 342 students in Rothberg’s introductory English 161 class. “When I go, I have to read the school paper to keep from falling asleep."

Read the rest, too, particularly the end; it's from the Onion, of course.

Ironically, I just filled out one of these forms this week, at the last meeting of my Psychology class.  My professor told us to take our time and be honest, as he really appreciates the feedback.  And I know there were many negative comments -- mostly along the lines of "He always kept us in class until the last minute!" and "He gave us a test!"

People are remarkably consistent over time.  This is both comforting and maddening.