A Bit Bitey

My loyal readers know that I've been writing for Patch for several months now: I have a handful of articles about local food under the title Neighborhood Nourishment.

Starting last month, Patch expanded my column to include some pieces under the title Bites Nearby.  They stop just short of restaurant reviews, and I think they're much more useful; instead of my opinions and grievances (The fries were too soggy! The caprese was impeccable!) it's simply a bulleted list of important points about the establishment, followed by some more in-depth information about owner, chef and ideology.  We're hoping they will help convince Catonsville residents to patronize local eateries more often.

So far, there are three, all from BYOB restaurants with quirky menus and classy dishes.  If you're in the area, come have a bite!  I'll be happy to join you.