An Interested Life

Anna is no longer blogging, but I came across this wonderful quote recently and had to share it:
Live an interested life. I cannot put this in bold enough face. You are interpreting the world to your child. Is it fascinating for you? Are you engaged in creating, in thinking, in knowing people? Do you make music, take pictures, cook, teach yourself to sew, hike someplace new, learn to fish, eat at a new restaurant, take the back way into town? Are you reading about the history of mental illness, repairing furniture, learning to oil paint? *Show* your child how interesting the world is, and they will love to learn.

And that is what we're after, isn't it?

She was talking about homeschooling (she did it with five of her own) but I think it's good advice for all parents, and godparents, and teachers too.  I've always thought it was just fine if students thought I was weird, as long as they saw I was passionate, because maybe it would inspire them to be more passionate toward the things they love to learn about.

Or, at the very least, they'd get a good laugh at my weirdness.  Which is good for both parties.