Radio Redeems Itself

Tonight, coming home from class, I was driving Rob's car and so had no iPod jack.  Going to school is one of the only times I like listening to music -- I prefer silence -- so I was miffed that I couldn't.

Then I realized there was this ancient invention called the radio . . . dubiously, I put it on.  I quit listening to the radio after high school, and since then I'm always disgusted by the number of commercials and the irritation factor of the DJs (if they're not lewd, they're cloyingly sweet.)  But tonight, it was magical.  I counted seven songs on one station without a voice or commercial interruption, and all seven were songs I enjoyed listening to.

On the way home, it was even better.  After classics by ZZ Top and Stealers Wheel, I heard a sultry blues duet of a song called "In the Mood for Love."  Turns out it was John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt (?!)  I came home and bought the whole album, in which a dream team of blues artists pair up with Hooker one by one, from iTunes.

Okay, radio, so you're not dead yet.  And despite the superb prediction powers of Pandora and Genius, you can still surprise me.