Paris Top 10: Walking

What will you find when you go on a walk in Paris? 


An interplay of light and shadow in an airy hall, far more interesting than the dubiously-titled art on its walls; and the company of a beloved sister, far more valuable.


The source of a favorite album. A riff on a favorite cocktail. 


A daydream about snapping winds and foamy seas, wrought in thin spires of bronzed fancy. 


Tiny explosions of color and chlorophyll, waiting to beautify a room or a corner or just a passing glance.


A temple to a man that accidentally, in dizzying golden heights and shafts of warm piercing sunshine, honors God instead.


A place that begs questioning, if only you were brave enough to stop for the answer.


A new friend: adoring, persistent and soft around the edges.


A gateway into another place, another time. 


A bracing remedy for whatever ails you.


A symphony of pattern, texture and composition that welcomes you with glass drums and trumpets of steel and, with soft undulating wood-paneled woodwinds, begs you to return and explore it again: on foot, as it was meant to be seen.

You will.