It's been such a tumultuous year for this poor blog that I won't bother apologizing for mere weeks of silence.  At the end of the quarter it seems like all I do is grade. But sometimes grading is fun.

Take, for instance, this assortment of annotations from the last page of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray

  • Dorian = dead. (I found this exact note in multiple books.)
  • Suicide?! 
  • He kills the painting and becomes who he was meant to be. 
  • oh snap. 
  • Picture perfect!  (This is actually a relatively advanced pun -- summary here.)
  • WOW
  • What? How? 
  • Totally Gothic. 
  • The End. 

The theory is that if I can get them to speak to literature, literature might just answer back. Regardless, as they fight their way through with such charming incredulity and sarcasm, I do enjoy being a fly on the wall.