A New Spin

Euh … bonjour … (Um … hello …)

Yes, I’m well aware of what happens when I make blogging promises: I fail spectacularly.  As proof of that, I submit my vow to blog every day during my recent Paris trip, when in fact I didn’t blog once.  Part of the reason was logistical; using the phone for data was hugely expensive, so even the super-easy SquareSpace app was impossible to run unless I was in a wifi hot spot (and believe me, it feels like I spent half the trip looking for those!)  Our hotel had free wifi, but we really only returned there to sleep for a few hours at the end of each long, exhausting day.  And I had brought the iPad, but felt nervous toting it around the city in search of an inspiring AND plugged-in spot to write.

So: no blogging.  But: plenty to say.  So much, in fact, that I’ve organized my thoughts into ten basic categories. I’m hoping to write briefly about each one, somewhere in between a meditation and a guidebook.  If you’re going to Paris, I hope you’ll read these first.  And if you’ve already been, I hope you’ll join me in remembering what makes this such an amazing city.

My plan was to write about one thing each day for 10 days (to make up for the 10 days I didn’t write a blessed thing.)  But we all know what happens when I tell you about my plans.  Instead, I’ll just promise to make my way through the list as soon as I can find the time, energy and brain power.  Look for the first installment soon.