Grammarians Unite!

This guy is on a mission from God:

Mr. Vincent felt a burst of relief that soon gave way to trepidation after he caught sight of a sign. “No standing,” it read, “April to October.”

Mr. Vincent wondered what exactly that “to” meant, dithered for a bit, and then decided that it meant no parking until October began, which meant that that day, Oct. 2, was fair game. 

Of course he got a ticket anyway.  (Ask me sometime about the time a police office misinterpreted a sign when my Mom was trying to park in Wall Street.)  But he has appealed it twice and is looking to go on to the State Supreme Court:

“Every accepted printed dictionary supports my grammatical interpretation of the parking sign,” he wrote. “To: Up to but not including. Through: To and including.”

And, in a further display of logic-defying brazenness, the city has effectively proved him correct:

In the meantime, a new sign has appeared in the old one’s stead. “No Standing,” it reads, “April 1-Sept. 30.”

What a world we live in.  Mr. Vincent, I’m behind you all the way.