Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Student: Mrs. Lowe, I can’t do this outline.  It’s too hard!

Me: [looking at her screen] Um, Gina?

Student: What?

Me: You have ONE WORD written.

[Surrounding students giggle.]

Student: I know!  I told you it was too hard!

Me: And your one word is “Introduction.” 

[Surrounding students giggle more.]

Student: I just don’t know what to write!

Me: Okay.  So Roman Numeral I is your Introduction.  What comes next?

Student: … 

Me: What are the three sections of your paper?

Student: Author’s life and times, literary contributions and individual analysis.

Me: Good.  So that’s II, III and IV.  And V is your Conclusion.  Now, under II, what are some subheadings?

Student: Oh, I can fill those in.  That’s easy!

Sometimes it’s nice to look good even when you don’t really deserve it.