6 Months Later

What I often do with my iPhone:

  • Take photos and e-mail them instantly.  It’s a fun way to let others know you are thinking about them, and you can do it quickly enough that it’s not offensive to those you are with; often they enjoy hearing about it too.  (Instagram is my new favorite tool for making ordinary photos fun — thanks, Jocelyn!)
  • Skype with my sister in Chicago / Soeul / Paris.
  • Navigate with the GPS, especially now that we’ve traded in our car with the built-in GPS.
  • Send free text messages through Google Voice.
  • Check and send e-mail.
  • Adore Mark Bittman with the App version of his exhaustive book.
  • Play Words With Friends (free Scrabble.)  A priceless photo, which no one ever thought to take, was of five of us on vacation in Napa, sitting in the hotel room, playing multiple simultaneous matches with each other.

What I don’t often do with my iPhone:

  • Play games by myself.  Actually, I have never done this, except when I started a WWF match against myself out of sheer boredom.  It was dumb, but I finished it out of stubbornness.
  • Talk.  It makes my ear all sweaty.  I do use the handsfree setting when I’m alone in the car, on occasion.  When I’m home, it rings to my house phone (also courtesy of Google Voice.)
  • Listen to music.  That may change with the new car, which has a speaker jack, but the internal speakers are not great.  Also, I don’t listen to music much anyway.
  • Pray.  I downloaded several apps, like the bible and lives of the saints, but it felt odd.
  • Pitch myself when I don’t have a tuning fork.  But it’s nice to be able to do so when I need to!