On the Road Again


Shopping list between Atlanta and Asheville, culled from various sources:

  • Peaches: “If you’re fixin’ to freeze ‘em, best wait till Thursday.”  Yes, ma’am.
  • Melons: so huge I’m not sure I could lift one alone.
  • Peanuts: green and still warm from their briny bath.
  • Cheerwine: by the case when available; in a cold glass bottle when not.
  • Pimento Cheese and Pork Rinds: no explanation needed, I hope.  We are aficionados of both.
  • Scuffydines: huge green grapes that taste of honey.  Nip a hole, suck out the insides, and spit the seeds into the empty skin.  Possibly a hybrid of scuppernong and muscadine.  “How do you spell that?” I asked.  “Well, I don’t know,” she responded, astonished.  I suppose she’d never needed to spell it before.  There’s something to be said for that.