Slightly Pone to Error

My favorite part of vocabulary quizzes is the creative sentences students make up when they don't know the answers. This last one included some colloquial words from a novel set in the deep South. One of the easiest, I thought, was pone: a coarse bread made from corn or sweet potatoes. Although most of the students answered it correctly, with some riff on dinner or baking, the responses below make me think some of them just plain didn't study:

  • The all-star team poned their rival, winning 6 to 0.

  • I could not pone the answers from her, because she said that was cheating.

  • I wanted to pone the dress, but the store would not allow me to.

  • Do not pone information out of someone who does not want to tell you.

  • There was a pone of birds by the lake.