For a Good Time, Call

The first time my sister went to Korea I cried a whole lot, then signed up for Facebook so I could see her photos and videos.

When she came back, I deleted the account gladly.  (Because apparently it's not enough to be "on" Facebook.  You also have to be ON it, as in, spending lots of time updating your site and sending chickens and pokes and Scrabble tiles to your friends.  I took lots of flack for having submitted to the first and not the second.)

Now she's gone again, but only for a few months; we hope to meet up in France this summer before she comes home in the fall.  So, no tears (yet, at least; I make no guarantees on Pascha) and I've chosen a different method of communication.  I just downloaded Skype.

Anyone wanna be friends?  Send me an e-mail!