Overheard During Research

1. Student: What do you know about Tennessee Williams?

Me: He was an alcoholic and he was gay.

Student: Are all authors, like, weird?

2. Student: For my creative presentation, I was thinking of writing a children's book about my author, kind of like the one we read in class.

Me: That's a great idea!

Student: So how should I talk about her three husbands and her brother's suicide?

3. Student: For my presentation, I want to play my author and have my classmates interview me.  What should I use as a visual aid?

Me: What if you came in costume?

Student: Um, have you seen Ray Bradbury?

(Eventually, I talked her into horn-rimmed glasses, a blazer and a tie; and, as a brilliant last-minute addition, she stuffed a sweatshirt under her blouse for the illusion of rotundity.  It was hilarious.)