Keeping the Mystery Alive

"What's in the cupcake?" they all want to know.

I keep mum for as long as I can.  But when they're down in the dumps and they just can't seem to *get* it, sometimes a little encouragement is called for.  So I pick it up and open it just a tiny crack -- enough for someone to come out and make them smile.

"One time.  Great job!  Want to do it again?"

They beg, plead and cajole to be able to open the cupcake and choose their own.  I shake my head solemnly.  "But if you play it again, you might see another one."

"Might" means "will," of course.  Until the spot is perfect, or at least until they're cheered up.

Sometimes a little mystery can make all the difference, whether you're three or thirteen or thirty.  (Hey, I'm the one who keeps expanding the collection.)