An Avid Indoorsman

Now there’s a phrase that describes me perfectly:

If black people and Hispanic people don’t want to go to national parks, so what? I’m as white as they come, and I don’t want to go to a national park. You’d have to drag me there. It’s hot, and that’s where mosquitoes and bears are, and besides, you can’t get ice to refresh your cocktail. I am an avid indoorsman. And yet, I am very pleased that my tax dollars support the national park system, because I think it’s a fine thing that we have them. Does Jon Jarvis really believe that people like me sit around saying, “Thank goodness that the national park system exists so white people have a place to go fart around with animals and breathe the clean air and eat trail mix and stuff”? Please.

This is why Rod is so great.  I was just thinking the other day that, to me, camping is one of the biggest mysteries of humanity.  I get “there’s no other way to see the natural wonder I want to see,” and I get “I can’t afford to stay in a hotel.”  I don’t get “let’s drive several hours to hang out in the woods.”  Even if you do love being outside (I’ll admit, it has its charms this time of year) why do you have to spend the night there? With the bugs, the damp and the pervasive smell of woodsmoke that’s much less romantic a week later when you want to wear that jacket again?

I’m just saying.  There’s something to be said for civilization.