The Monopoly Personality Test

Trips out of the classroom have been more and more plentiful in recent weeks, so to curb the urge to wander I devised what I think is a fair system: each student gets four hall passes at the beginning of the quarter to use at her discretion, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  They just place the pass on my desk when they leave, so I know where they are — no more calling on a student in the midst of an insightful discussion only to hear, “Can I go to the bathroom?”

Rules tend to rub teenagers the wrong way, so I decided to have fun with the passes and called them “Get Out of Class Free” Cards.  I even found a little graphic of the Monopoly guy in black and white stripes.

Why am I telling you all this?  By way of an explanation for this link to the Monopoly Game Piece Theory, which contains some blasphemous language but nevertheless reduced me to a pile of giggles.

I honestly never had a preference about my piece, except that I didn’t want to be the iron.  If you did have a favorite, try to remember it before you click — I think it will be much funnier!