Bromance is in, Officially

So are staycation, chillax and about 2,000 others, according to NPR.  What a good day for the English language!

I would be a lot more distressed by this news if I had not just read this wonderfully satirical piece, complete with rudimentary illustrations, which constitutes a brilliant and positively-charged smack in the face to people who can't be bothered to spell and punctuate correctly.  I am tempted to reproduce one of the hysterical drawings here (I'm a teacher, so I'm allowed) but it's really much funnier if you read the whole series.

Could I get away with using this in the classroom?  Probably not -- besides the alcohol references and insensitivity to the disabled, I don't think the kids would get the subtle mix of highbrow and lowbrow humor.  But it did make my week, and for the first week of school, that's no small feat.