A Tough Time

These next few posts will probably be a little scattered.  I'm digging through the mammoth pile of papers I accumulated last year (I do not exaggerate -- it's the size of a third-grader) and finding lots of interesting things.

The first comes from a youth event Rob and I orchestrated several years ago.  We would love to be more involved with the youth program, but time is always the problem.  This particular instance was a bit of an anomaly; I'd just read Unhooked and was desperate to do something for the girls in my parish who, while maybe not as extreme as the subject of Laura Stepp's investigation, definitely needed help.  We decided to separate into boys and girls, with three leaders each -- one dating, one single and one married -- and give the kids a chance to talk.

I'm not sure what happened behind the guys' door, but the girls had a good discussion.  We started by having them all write questions or problems down -- what were they most struggling with?  What did they want to talk about?  These neat little squares are what I discovered today, folded up in the bottom of my inbox:

  • Finding / Demanding respect from a guy all the time.

  • How do you know when your ready to date some-one!

  • When people don't understand what you feel like.

  • Do you think birth control is considered abortion?

  • There is this guy I know that has "gone out" with most of the girls in our group (which is pretty big) but they don't really do anything. I think it's kind of pointless!

  • You can never be in charge of a relationship.

  • Finding a guy that is actually truly INTERESTED, in more than sex.

  • Nobody ever confides in you.

  • Why do you even have to "like" guys at all.  It's annoying!

While some of them made me laugh and some made me sigh, they all made me very grateful to be an adult.  I wouldn't go back to high school for anything.