An Inside Look

When my cousin Katie got married a couple of weeks ago, I brought my camera.  This is unusual for me; with the number of expensive, semi-professional devices floating around these days, I'm generally too intimidated to try to capture a few humble photos on my point-and-shoot.  But I enjoyed taking pictures, and I thought you might get a kick out of these mostly-zany ones, in case you had any delusions of sobriety and decorum about my family:

Elliot's all-time favorite trick, and Abby's all-time favorite Pointy Face.

Blue Steel vs. Head-Squisher.

I asked Billy to define "corkscrew curls."

Elliot wanted me to get ALL angles of his face.

"Now, take Mary and Colleen.  THEY have lots of flare . . . don't you want to express yourself?"

She's doing this.  You probably won't find it funny unless you've seen the episode multiple times.  Maybe not even then.

One normal one.  Look, we got some sun at the hotel pool yesterday!

Back to weirdness . . . here is Tristan singing along to a Motown favorite (anyone?  help!)

Relax, they're not fighting.  Just singing, um, passionately.  I think Journey was the instigator.

Yes, there was actually a wedding amid all this craziness.  And here's the beautiful bride, groovin' to some sweet tunes on the dance floor.

Grandma's making trouble again.  I don't know how many times we must have told her to stop lighting things on fire.  Sigh . . .

Obviously, we had a wonderful trip, especially since Katie and Matt were gracious enough to spend lots of time with us, breaking the time-honored tradition in which the bridal party barely gets to see their guests.  We're blessed with such a great extended family.  I wish we could get married again just to get them all to come back in Baltimore!