Avoiding the Challenges

The Week is such a great magazine that I even enjoy reading the obituaries.  In fact, many times I am saddened to realize I never knew of or appreciated the scientists, artists and politicians memorialized there before having read their obituaries.

One such example was last week's issue, which spoke about Art Linkletter.  Apparently, I unknowingly stole borrowed the title of his book to use for one of my most popular tags, The Darndest Things (Three recent examples.)  Linkletter had a television show in which he interviewed children so that others could be amused by their hilarity and unconscious wisdom.

Here's what I found interesting: how do you think Linkletter found kids that would consistently say interesting and funny things?  Easy.  He wrote to teachers and said, "Give me a few hours with the child you would most like to have out of your classroom."

This is at once funny and sobering.  Oh, I hate thinking that I might be the teacher who doesn't appreciate creativity unless it falls within prescribed parameters.  But I'm sure I would have willingly booted out some future TV stars if given the chance.