Peering Out . . .

. . . from between trips.  We just spent a few days in Miami Beach for the AIA convention; Rob's parents and a few friends joined us for a little sightseeing and a lot of time in air-conditioned establishments.

Besides the wretched humidity (I thought I'd endured humidity before, but no sir -- Florida is a different story) the only thing I really hated about Miami was the obsession with tiny, yappy dogs.  I think taking your pet to dinner is a little weird anyway, but carrying your pet to dinner in 95-degree heat, or walking an animal that looks more like a rodent than a canine, is a step or two beyond that.

But I loved, loved, loved the bright colors of the tropical wildlife.  We visited both Vizcaya and Fairchild (in honor of the new landscape architect in the family) and it was amazing to see the kinds of things that grow outdoors there, things we could never dream of raising in Baltimore.  I guess that's what makes them so exotic. And they appear everywhere -- at the Lincoln Road Mall, an outdoor shopping / dining area, parrots screech overhead and leafy exotics emerge from planters adjacent your table.

Although I am not above a little clumsy tinkering, the following are untouched; the colors are true.  Enjoy.