Ten Pens

Remember that lame thing everyone was doing on Facebook awhile back?  It was called "Twenty Things" or "Forty Things" or "A Whole Bunch of Unrelated Self-Centered Thoughts" or something like that.  Somehow it became undeservingly and wildly popular in a short amount of time.  (Which, normally, never happens on the Internet.)

Well.  I hereby present Ten Pens.  It's way more fun, and just as free.

Take ten pens from around your house.  They must be free promotional pens.  If you're short a few, I'll lend you some: I rounded up 58 just by looking in the study.  They're all going to school, in case anyone there wants to play (and because, seriously, they seem to multiply exponentially every 13 days or so.  I'm worried about the load-bearing capacity of my desk.)

Now, try to imagine how they might have entered your house.  Word limits are lame, but keep it short or your audience might fall asleep.  (All three of them.) Here are mine:

  1. Mini Cooper: Let's Motor. This is one of those cool moving pens; when you tilt it, the little red car sliiiiiiides back and forth from the Hollywood sign to the Statue of Liberty.  And it was completely free!  All we had to do was buy a car.

  2. Revlimid capsules. Please see accompanying full prescribing information, including Boxed WARNINGS. I guess these prescription drug giveways must work, or no one would continue doing them.  I just have one question: "Boxed warnings"?  They don't sound too bad.  Better than the free-roaming warnings that catch you by surprise, anyway.

  3. My school. Awwww. Actually, to be fair about 12 of the 58 were from my school.

  4. My school's archrival school. What th--?!  I did tutor a couple of students from there, but I think I would have noticed this pen before now.  At the very least, I would think my school's pens would be ostracizing it, but noooo, they're playing nice and being friends.

  5. Best Wishes in the year 2003, Enslin & Son, Hattiesburg, Mississippi. My father's family's butcher shop.  We last visited there for my grandmother's funeral.  It was a sad time, but wonderful to see them all, and I loved the tour of the slaughterhouse and my dad's accompanying anecdotes from the summer he worked there as a teenager.  We also got married in 2003, so I think their best wishes might have helped a little.

  6. Mark & Anna's Wedding: The Highlight of 2009. Most original wedding favor ever, from a very original couple!

  7. Sauza Tequila. Once again, what th--?!  We don't own a bottle, and I've never even heard of that brand.  Tequila is not my scene.

  8. Microsoft. Steve, this means nothing to us!  We swear!  We don't know how it got here or where it came from!  We're burning it right this very instant and burying the ashes in the back yard under the Apple tree!  Isn't that poetic justice?  Steve?  STEVE!  DON'T YOU WALK AWAY!

  9. Kone Elevators & Escalators. Courtesy of my husband, who goes to trade shows and can't turn down a freebie to save his life.  Really, if he had to choose between certain death and a duffel bag of stuffed animals with building product manufacturers' logos imprinted on their bums, I might have to raise Maia by myself.

  10. My high school alma mater. This isn't technically a pen, it's a letter opener -- but it counts solely because of the number of times I've reached for it intending to pick up a pen.  A clever ruse, but I'm wise to it now.  Away, fiend!  Into the bag with the others!

Okay.  Your turn.  Comment here with a link to your Ten Pens post!  If it doesn't go viral within a week, I'll be personally offended.