Thus Have I Made It

After reading this post of Rod's just before Lent began, I added "The Mission" to my Netflix list.  It arrived soon thereafter, but we've been so busy I haven't had time to watch it until today (I don't teach lessons during Holy Week, in an effort to conserve my voice.)

The plot and characters are riveting, but beyond that, it's one of the most spiritually moving films I've seen in a long time.  A moment near the end brought tears to my eyes: discussing an atrocity, the politician remonstrates, "We must work in the world . . . The world is thus."

And the bishop, agonized, replies: "No . . . thus have we made the world."  And, more quietly: "Thus have I made it."

A good thought to have at the beginning of Holy Week.  Let none of us deny the part he has played in the evil that surrounds us.  And yet, in the real world as on the screen, there is the promise that love will yet conquer all.