The Superbowl Kahuna

That's what they're calling it here, where they've accurately predicted every snowstorm this season, down to the 22 inches (and counting) outside at the moment.

In case you've been media-free for the last few days, we're having some Weather here.   Here's a shot of my parents' front yard, including Rolling Road, which normally buzzes with activity:

Here's their herb garden -- the large lump is a bench and the small one is a birdbath:

Herb Garden

Yes, we're staying with Mommy and Daddy, along with some friends and their two dogs.  We're stuck here for now, though the guys did hike to the grocery store a few hours ago and brought back an amazing haul that I couldn't possibly make up:

  • 6 loaves of bread

  • 5 pounds of brisket

  • 4 dozen eggs

  • 3 pounds of cheese

  • 2 frozen pizzas

  • 1 gallon of milk

Men become cavemen at the first sign of trouble, I guess.  It would be endearing if we didn't have to use it all up before Lent begins next week.

And proof that there is beauty everywhere, including in the storm.

Snow on TreesIf we have to be snowed in, I'm glad I'm with people I love.