Another for the Annals

Boy, as exams approach, they sure get creative:
Dear Mrs. Lowe, we are supposed to be writing about what we would emphasize in the last scene of The Scarlet Letter if we were to make it into a movie.  To be honest, I didn't read the end of the book.  I could go on about why I didn't and tell you all about my weekend and how it was so busy,  etc., but I don't believe in excuses and I don't see how that would help the situation at all.  The fact is I have yet to finish the book, so I am in no position to write on the subject of the final scene.

In order to make this multiple paragraphs, I will tell you a story.  When I was little (like 1 or 2) I was playing downstairs while my mom was getting dressed in her room.  She heard this strange noise coming from the kitchen, a thump, some scrambling, another thump, etc. Those noises are never good, so she rushed down to investigate, and there I was, sitting on the floor, covered in butter.  I had gotten into the butter; I don't know if I was playing with it or trying to eat it or what, but it somehow got all over me, the table, and the floor.  Of course, my mom found this very funny and took many pictures.

I am the oldest of 8 children and I often have to tell stories to the younger ones. I told them this story once and now they ask me at least once a week to tell them "the butter story." Anyways, I apologize for not having read all of the book.  Thank you for reading this paper.


I wrote back that I couldn't give her credit for the assignment, but I thanked her for having been honest, responsible and funny all at once --  and I suggested she take Creative Writing next year.