More Things I Thought I Would Never Say

"Please ask your children to close the door while they're in the restroom and flush before they leave."

There has been a rash of this lately -- is it contagious, or what?! -- and since I can literally see into the bathroom from my spot adjacent to the piano, I just decided that enough was enough.

In other news, I am starting to believe that my students have figured out how to completely tune out my voice.  During the exam this morning, after I repeatedly exhorted them to save their work, one student hit "print" and then logged off.  Except the printer was broken and had to be reset, canceling all jobs.  I suppose I should be grateful there was only one who did that, but there was also one who didn't notice she had only completed three parts of the exam, not the promised four ("I didn't even think to turn the paper over!") and one who read only half of the essay question ("tell me about yourself" without "by describing your breakfast" sounds a little more like a personal ad than a memoir, yes?) and several who needed handholding when I glibly asked them to change the margins to half an inch.

And then, just when I'm good and steamed, they load me down with Christmas sweets and wish me a pleasant vacation.  And one writes on her card, just to be assured of the last word, "P.S. The Pope does SO look like Emperor Palpatine."  Although I know she didn't come up with this on her own, I cannot help laughing.

Oh, these students.  I love them.  They drive me crazy.  Is the break here yet?  Is the break here yet?