Manic Monday

So manic that I can't condense these separate thoughts into a cohesive entry, so enjoy:

  1. To file under Things I Never Thought I'd Say at School: "Thank you for showing us all your underwear.  Now please sit down and finish writing."  Technically, they were boxer shorts, but I was still a little shocked to see her hiking up her skirt to show them off to her classmates.  The perils of a single-gender school, however, are few compared to the benefits.  I recently read that single-sex classes were forbidden by law until NCLB, so in my view that makes the entire disastrous piece of legislation worth it; in seven years, schools offering them have grown from about 12 to more than 540. Think about it: if she's comfortable enough to show everyone her undergarments, she'll be comfortable enough to request help or clarification, volunteer an answer that sounds a little crazy, or maybe even disagree with the majority.  I am, however, working on getting the latter without the former.

  2. We have the day off from school tomorrow to attend the funeral of a longtime faculty member.  It struck me as such a fitting final tribute.  It's hard to say whether teachers or students are more excited by the prospect of an unexpected day off, but either way, we're blessed by the break, and by the opportunity to say goodbye.

  3. Overheard two students chatting between classes today.  One started singing a pop song, and the other joined in on a high soprano harmony, creating a lovely effect.  The first student stopped singing to snap playfully, "Why are you so great?  AT EVERYTHING?"  I think that may be the most perfect metaphor for high school I've ever heard.  Lord, have mercy on these girls, and on their fragile sense of self-worth!