Name Games

Okay, faithful reader[s] -- time to prove your mettle.

I've been asked to write a twice-weekly column for Catonsville Patch, a new micro-local journalism site that's popping up all over the state. The subject is local eating: restaurants, cooking, gardening, etc.

My husband is much better at naming things than I am.  He named my blog -- with a clever double entendre / pop-culture reference combo.  I named the cat -- after one of the characters in a story I was reading the day he brought her home.  See what I mean?

This time, though, I have barely more than a day to decide on one.  So -- help!  Quick!

Rob to the Rescue has already come up with two beautifully alliterative finalists: Cultivating Community and Neighborhood Nourishment. But the ballot's open through tomorrow.  Vote the way they do in Chicago: early and often.