Outsmarting Amazon

As a teacher, I frequently have to buy materials from Amazon.  And it seems that no matter what I do, the total comes to a dollar (or even less) short of the amount needed for free shipping.

I wish they had a "round up" option.  (This is what I do when a store won't accept my credit card payment for being under the minimum amount.)  But they don't, so I am forced to scroll through the Bargain Books section in search of one that won't embarrass the rest of my library.

NO MORE!  I just found this wonderful site, which lists "filler items" starting with the lowest price (currently, 42 cents.)  Do you need a glue stick?  A guitar string?  A light bulb?  It's your lucky day.

The other thing to do is look for Dover items.  They have Thrift Editions of most books, starting at $1.00 for poetry and short stories.  They also sell Activity Books (mazes, stickers, dot-to-dot) and even blank notebooks that are surprisingly pretty for $1.50.

Score one for the little guy!