Bad Apples

Oh, Apple.  How you have broken my heart.  Let's make a list:

iPod Classic: Purchased for Emily by Rob in August 2005.  (Awww.)  Stolen from her car in May 2008.  (The car was parked in front of the church.)

Black MacBook: Purchased to replace ailing PC laptop in October 2006.  Stolen from the study in December 2008.

iPod Nano: Purchased for Rob by Emily in December 2006. (Awww.)  Stolen from her car in May 2008.  (This was the only time in Lowe history when Emily happened to be carrying both.  And did I mention that the car was parked in front of the church?)

iMac Desktop: Purchased to replace the Lowe television set in September 2008.  Hard drive failed six months later.  While replacing the hard drive, Apple technicians dropped and broke the monitor.  While replacing the monitor, they broke the remote control sensor, which still doesn't work properly.

MacBook Pro: Purchased to replace the stolen MacBook in July 2009.  Hard drive failed two months later.  Diagnosis came after many hours on the phone and in the store, trying to get it fixed.

I still think Apple is the best brand ever (certainly the only one I'm willing to stick to my car.)  A close second is State Farm, which was very generous in making settlements with both break-ins and helping us replace the items.  But seriously, how's this for bad luck?