Three Observations, Three Weeks In

1) The third week was significantly better than the first two.  It was pretty overwhelming at first, having three separate preps, two of them brand new to me -- but taking it one step at a time isn't so bad. And I have to admit I'm having fun, planning my first field trip, decorating "my" first classroom.

2) You know that cliche about starting out tough, then gradually relaxing when the students realize you Mean Business?  Wow, does it ever work.  This year I've been strict from the get-go, and already I've had students approach me with fear in their eyes, telling me they don't have their homework but they're REALLY sorry and they'll bring it tomorrow.  I've also had kids be absent and show up PREPARED FOR THE NEXT CLASS.  Despite my constant pinching, it appears this is actually happening.

3) You know that other cliche about how it's easier to teach if you're prepared?  And the accompanying corollary about how easy it is to stay caught up with grading if you're disciplined about doing a little each day?  Also true.  Am feeling more than a little foolish for having waited this long to test it out.  Will let you know how long the experiment lasts.  Have also decided to start using implied subjects from now on.