A Shocking Lack of Grammar

Last week I mentioned my aghast-ness (aghastion?  Aghasticism?) at the number of families who refused to let their children hear the President address them on the first day of school. Betty Culbreath, former DIRECTOR of Health and Human Services in the great state of Texas, agrees with me, though in a slightly more grammatically challenged way:

Why is it important to listen to the President and other Elected officials, mayor and etc.

Well if its not important to listen we should not have them. When the Mayor ask you Kid to do his best to help the environment, you kid will respond, sorry my father said I do not need to listen to you. When Governor Perry ask you Kid not to litter the highway in an effort to keep them clean your kid will throw the McDonald wrapper out the window because my Dad said don’t listen to elected officials. When the County Sheriff is standing on the corner near your Kids school and ask you Kid to step back from the curb, your kid will may get hit because you Kid doesn’t listen to elected officials.

Where do I start?  Possessives?  Capitalization?  Infuriating colloquial slang?  Come ON, lady.  Set an example.  Leaving aside the scathingly racist tone of her letter -- in which she says she's bought a gun to defend herself in the upcoming holocaust of "Black folk" -- it's so embarrassing that a high-level public official would be foolish enough to write these lopsided thoughts down, and then to forward them all over Creation to her own detriment.

I'm trying not to let this woman ruin my entire YEAR.  But it's hard to read this and continue to believe in hope for racial healing and for clear, educated, articulate thought.  Lord, have mercy.