Two Prayers for Teachers

The first: anonymous and a little sappy, but noteworthy for its conciseness.  At a faculty meeting last year, we had to vote on which line was most important, and of course our principal took the easy way out and said they were all the most important . . .

Enable me to teach with wisdom, for I help to shape the mind.

Equip me to teach with truth, for I help to shape the conscience.

Encourage me to teach with vision, for I help to shape the future.

Empower me to teach with love, for I help to shape the world.

My cousin Katie (who is leaving today after an awesomely packed weekend visit) recently wrote: "There are fine lines between being patient, losing patience, patience wearing thin, and impatience. I just slid face first through all those lines."  In honor of her, and everyone else who has ever lost her cool, the second prayer goes simply: "Please help me avoid a face plant today."