“The more completely an educator can give concrete witness to the model of the ideal person that is being presented to the students, the more this ideal will be believed and imitated. For it will then be seen as something reasonable and worthy of being lived, something concrete and realizable.”

-Lay Catholics in Schools, 1982

Looks like I spoke too soon.  Yesterday I was pulled from one impromptu meeting into another -- one of my colleagues is caring for her aging mother, and thinks she can't handle her teaching load.  Would I like one or two of her classes?  Well, yes.  I would!

Of course, this couldn't have happened in May, because then I would have had a whole summer to review American literature.  As it is, I'll need to read HawthoreSteinbeckKiddFitzgerald like mad for the next few weeks.  Still, how can I complain?  I'm grateful to double the number of students I'm teaching, not to mention an increased paycheck and the experience of teaching a core English class, something I've never done from start to finish before.

Well, I'm grateful for the inspiration above (from the prayer service on the first day of orientation.)  I'm gong to need a lot more of it!