Ode to Maestro Jeremiah

Composed by his friend Janet (with thanks to Billy Joel) on the occasion of his graduation from Suzuki Volume One last spring.  A concise and lyrical summary of what I love about teaching the Suzuki method!

Play us a song, O Piano Man! Play us a song today!

For we're all in the mood for a melody, and it's you we have chosen to play.

Under your fingers the keys fo a dance: hop and bounce out a tune.

They take on a life of their own with your sill; O, will we see your name in lights soon?

You did Mr. Suzuki so proud; you aced Book Number One!

For you practiced and practiced night after night; along the way you even had fun!

Your recital is special to all: family friends and you.

Your musical ear is a gift to the world. You give Mr. Suzuki his due.