Old Students, New Tricks

Here's a kid who is suing Amazon for "eating his homework."  When they deleted 1984 off his Kindle, due to copyright violations, they rendered his notes unusable.  So he says.

It's obviously a punitive lawsuit; if he took good notes, he'll be able to apply them to a hard copy of the book without too much trouble.  (It is my experience that students don't know how to take notes, however, so if I were his teacher I'd lord that over him incessantly.)

Teachable moments notwithstanding, I support the lawsuit.  It couldn't have happened with a more fitting piece of literature, either: 1984 is all about the demise of personal freedoms in the name of safety and security.  It's frightening, though not surprising, that Amazon can (and did) delete files from devices they sold free and clear to consumers.  What if Apple did that? I might not even be able to finish this po