3(Good News)

1. Big news about the literary magazine: through my blessed colleague Melissa, I found a school connection who would print our books at a substantial discount.  We were able to get 12 pages, plus the cover, in color -- and I didn't have to go a penny over budget.  Moral: it pays to know people.

2. I got word at yesterday's faculty meeting that our school has some unexpected grant money available to teachers who are in school.  This means that the course I took this spring (and got an A, thank you very much) won't cost me anything.  Three weeks before a trip to Europe is a good time to come into some money!

3. Also with an A: my brilliant husband, who just presented his thesis project.  It was about the permeability of landscape on college campuses.  Or something like that.  I dropped out of architecture school, okay?  What do you want from me?!