Makin' the Big Time

A year ago this Saturday, I had a film crew follow me to church and around my home to interview me about Byzantine chanting and its significance in my life.  I realize I have been largely silent about this area of my teaching career; this is not from a lack of passion or commitment, but only because I find it difficult to write about something so close to my heart.

Well, this double vie has finally caught up with me.  After numerous delays, the segment has finally been edited and will air on Religion & Ethics Newsweekly this weekend.  If you want to watch it live, check here to see where the program airs in your area (enter your zip code, and then take your pick of stations.)  Here in Baltimore, it will air at 6:30 AM Sunday morning on MPT (when I am cherishing the last moments of sleep before I have to get up for Matins) and at 10:30 AM on WETA (when Divine Liturgy is in full swing.)  So, as we have no TV with which to view it anyway, I will not be watching it live.

HOWever, according to the show's producer, the segments are normally uploaded to the website on Friday afternoon / evening.  So, if you want to watch there, look for it tonight.

One small disclaimer: this was filmed over a year ago, and I have no idea what I said then -- most likely, it included things I was not informed enough to speak about.  I am not a theologian, and I am a very poor musician, so please be merciful in judging the quality of my words!

Thanks to Ghillian, my dear friend who didn't pitch a fit when I had to miss her bridal shower to film this.  And deepest gratitude to Zenaida, my dear friend who taught me so much about this complex and fascinating form of art and faith.