I woke up this morning feeling pretty sorry for myself.  Rob brought a nasty case of the flu back from his conference in Reno last week, and I came down with it in the middle of second period Monday morning.  You know that feeling?  All of a sudden, chills, shakes, wooziness, and four hours to go before the day is over.  Ugh.

Not being one to take anything sitting down, including the flu, I appealed to my doctor for the miracle drug that will supposedly block the virus and shorten its duration.  The first night, my fever shot up to around 104, but since then it's hovered in the low-grade range, 99-100.  So, did the pills help?  Beats me.  They have given me some weird side effects, though.  So when I woke up this morning, still with a fever, still feeling not quite myself, I decided I was staying home to kick this thing, and that was final.

So, I'm home and feeling crummy.  But I'm about to nip this pity party in the bud the way I encourage my students to do the same -- thinking of some things I'm grateful for.

1) I'm grateful for video chat, which allowed me to see my sister's face and hear her voice yesterday morning, even though she is about as far away from me as she can get on this planet.  She even took me on a virtual "tour" of her tiny Seoul apartment, including the Kleenex box with pictures of raw meat on it.  (I'm not making this up.)

2) I'm grateful for local whole-grain bread and the organic market that sells it, and the Armenian apricot jam that was a gift from a dear friend.  Anything that tastes good is a gift.  A few days ago the only thing that fit that bill was ginger ale poured over lemon sorbet, sipped from under the covers.

3) I'm grateful for these fun rhythm cards from my friend and music-teacher idol Michiko.  She gave them to a group of us who are testing some new materials for her.  So thoughtful!

4) I'm grateful for this snuggly, warm furry thing who doesn't mind curling up on my lap even when I don't feel well.  In fact, she prefers me with a slight fever.  It's almost as good as an electric blanket.


5) I'm grateful I am healthy.  Really.  I spoke with my friend and colleague yesterday, who is a week into her chemo treatments and feeling very ill and depressed.  I can't imagine what she is going through.  This flu is not a big deal.

Starting to feel better already.