Why English Teachers Rock

Well, not all of them, but Carol Jago definitely does.  This morning NCTE e-mailed me a survey about the convention I just attended.  There was no place in the survey to make specific suggestions for improvement, so I posted a question on their Ning (I had to look that word up, so don't feel bad clicking) about suggestions for improvement.

Within two hours, the president of NCTE had replied to my post with a personal e-mail address and an invitation to write.  I did; she immediately responded, agreeing with each of my suggestions in an articulate and friendly manner.

I could be misreading this, but I sense that she and I agree: displaying politeness and literacy in even the most trivial of situations is a matter of conscience, inversely proportional in importance to the amount of such behavior we encounter in others.

In other words, English teachers rock.