My Morning

1:36 AM Fall asleep re-reading "Their Eyes Were Watching God" in preparation for final project, due in one week.

5:30 AM Awake to furious meowing.  Fumble for squirt bottle on nightstand.  Blessed silence.

6:30 AM Repeat.

7:30 AM Repeat.

8:45 AM Awake groggily; remember about test in 10:05 class.

8:48 AM Remember that test is a two-parter.  Awake fully and scramble downstairs in search of notes.

8:55 AM Put test together.

9:45 AM Print test.  Attempt to look somewhat presentable.

9:50 AM Drive to school.

9:55 AM Score Best Parking Spot in House.  Congratulate self on getting everything done with ten minutes to spare.

9:56 AM Enter school; smile at secretary.

9:56:10 AM Realize secretary isn't smiling back.

9:56:11 AM Vice Principal appears, frowning.  "You're half an hour late!  I was just running up to cover your class!"  Oh.  A Special Schedule, not written down anywhere.  Probably announced while I was not in the building.  Naturally.

9:57 AM Reach the classroom, breathless.  At least the students will be happy they don't have to take the whole test.

9:58 AM Students are furious.  Apparently half of them studied only for one portion, half only for the other.  Bitter division as to which half they should take today.

9:59 AM After an old-fashioned vote and much gnashing of teeth, students are settled and writing.

10:36 AM Class ends.

10:41 AM Home with a bowl of hot, spicy, creamy grits.  Is it too early for Cabo Wabo?

10:43 AM Didn't think so.