That intelligent people still exist!  From The Week, which I love more with each issue:

Recently, a University of Wisconsin anthropologist concluded that the human brain has shrunk a full 10 percent over the last 5,000 years. We asked you for more proof that our brains are getting smaller and you weighed in with:

FIRST PRIZE: Two words: Reality TV.
Frank Letchworth, Knoxville, TN (and others)

SECOND PRIZE: The 90 percent re-election rate for Congress.
Cathy Curtis, Finksburg, MD

THIRD PRIZE: Bottled Water.
Ellen Wong, Pasadena, CA


Joanne Nigg, Elkton, MD

Black Friday.
Mark Kellerman, Hays, KN

Hardly anyone can make a decent flint arrowhead anymore.
Chuck Gaston, Lancaster, PA

The return of ‘80s fashions.
Jaime Davis, Minneapolis

Reading weekly magazines that simplify and condense full news articles.
PJ Wells, Canton, OH

Mary Hogan, New York City

Cn u repeat the kwestun?
Michael Ullmann, Princeto