Three Down

You knew it was coming.  So did I, of course, although it was fun to pretend that teaching would be like this from now on . . .

1. Two siblings are so rowdy and rambunctious that I have to hold their hands constantly to keep them from playing while their father and I talk.  Finally, he excuses them to the front porch for some good old-fashioned parenting.  They are quieter after that, though also pretty peeved.

2. Poor Brian again lets his emotions get the better of him when he can't play the piece correctly.  I finally end the lesson early when it's clear he can't stop crying long enough to work with me.  His mom shakes her head: "I live with a drama queen."

3. A sullen pre-adolescent is dropped off at my house by her parents, who have clearly Had Enough that day.  Within five minutes, she's gotten into an argument with me about scales: "I HATE them!"  "Why?"  "I just DO!  They're STUPID!"

Bonus: By the time my dear friend and her son enter the house, both looking like they've been crying, I'm practically expecting it.  We get through the lesson almost silently, and on the way out, I squeeze her hand.  "Why don't you come back later tonight?"  She does, and we have a few Adult Beverages and talk about why children are so complicated and confusing.  Hearing her, I realize I definitely have the less frustrating end of the deal.  My students  may drive me nuts, but hey, at least I can send them home!