A Great Idea

In my experience, these don't come around often.  But last week, the Newseum (where I recently took a group of students on a fantastic field trip) e-mailed me to say that there were discounted tickets available at a site called Groupon.  It's pretty simple:  basically, when a lot of people promise to buy something, businesses can afford a drastic discount and still make a profit (and, hopefully, lots of repeat customers.)  Simple, but effective.  Hence, a Great Idea.

Every day the site features another local business with a deal in the neighborhood of half-price.  Many times it's a $50-for-$25 deal, or similar, at a local restaurant.  Or a discounted oil change or massage. And sometimes it's cheaper tickets to a very expensive museum.  Over 6000 people bought tickets Friday (sadly, I was not one of them; I meant to, but missed the 24-hour boat.)  They have dozens of cities on their site, so have a look at yours, your families,' and any you might be visiting in the next few months.