Shelter from the Storm, Part II

Thanks for the help, everyone!

No, really, I know it was not an easy task.  Here's what I came up with:

1) The Rainbow Bridge. This might have backfired on me.  Several of the students claimed there was too a rainbow bridge and threatened tears when I looked as astonished as I really was.

2) Virginia's letter to the Sun. Many of the students had heard the famous line, but didn't know where it came from.

3) The Magic Cape from "Crash." I couldn't find it online, and the computer in my classroom won't play DVDs, so I brought in my own laptop and a pair of headphones for two students to watch and take notes.  Ridiculous?  Yes.

4) Mama Never Told Me, a song in which the narrator's mother hid his father's alcoholism from him as a child.  I couldn't find an actual track to listen to, so I had them just discuss the lyrics.

5) The Special Hug. This was the last one to be presented, and our discussion was cut off by the bell (that, to me, is far worse than "Sold Out" -- a clock that makes you think you have two or three more minutes when you don't.)