How's School?

That question has applied to me for almost every year of my life.  When people ask me now, though, they're usually talking about grad school.  And this semester, honestly, it's been pretty terrible.  This teacher is the first bad one I've had in the program.  She's already done several things I despise:

  1. Required group work. Ugh.  This is the easiest way to get all of your hardworking, high-achieving students mad.  (I've commiserated with several of them already.)  Yes, in real life you have to work with others.  No, in real life your grade / assessment / promotion doesn't depend on others who may or may not share your work ethic.  It depends on you.  To add insult to injury, furthermore, she made us pick a partner for the whole semester on the first night of class, before we got to know anyone, and we had to pick a partner from our content area.  I would much rather have paired with someone in Science or History.  I already know quite a bit about English teachers!

  2. Unclear instructions. As in, two descriptions of the same assignment are different in their requirements.  Or, "You don't really have to work in groups unless you want to," after we're already in groups.

  3. Wasting paper. She distributes handouts in 24-point fonts with two-inch margins.  Quietly, we call them The Large Print Editions.  To make matters worse, they're often lifted directly from the textbook, which we already own.

  4. The PC bandwagon.  Her worst offense, and the most unforgivable in my book.  More on this later.

  5. She says the word "youngster" instead of "student." And she does it several dozen times per class.  And it's driving me NUUUUUTS.

Can you tell I'm not looking forward to class tonight?