A Humble Hallelujah

I've written before about The Week and how much I love it.  Last week's issue, again, made me think about something I probably never would have known existed, had I not read this issue: the downfall of Detroit.  People are literally fleeing this city as quickly as possible, leaving huge areas deserted and open to crime and the elements.

You really need to read the entire article, but this quote hit me the hardest:

The public school system is so bad it’s now under emergency control of the state. “I am extraordinarily concerned about the poor quality of education the children of Detroit are receiving,” says U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. “I lose sleep over that one.”

These poor children.  And here I am, complaining about an annoying teacher.  At least I have a teacher to complain about.  And textbooks to . . . skim.  And assignments to put off.  I should be starting off every day with a Hallelujah!