Is Yours Worth Catching?

I hate, hate, hate that poster (prefaced, for the uninitiated, by "Attitudes are Contagious.)  I've seen it in countless school offices, libraries and classrooms.  Apparently teachers think that looking at such a smug, pithy remark will somehow help you improve your outlook on life.  All it really does is make you mad.  Sort of like someone saying, "It won't help anything to get angry," as if you got angry because you thought it would help.

The truth is, though, that I need a little self-righteous reminding once in awhile.  A lot of times, my attitude stinks.  I have perfected the art of ignoring students I don't want to talk to: brusque, monosyllabic replies, delivered as I'm striding past them without turning my head, clutching some papers that look extremely important.  There's one who comes in early for class every single day and just wants to chat during my break (some days, I actually lock the door from the inside until the first bell, I am so desperate for a few minutes to myself!)  She's a helpless handraiser, but she's also lonely.  Shame on me for denying her some human contact.  I just can't bring myself to pity her; instead I pity myself for having a clingy, slightly-whiny person to deal with so early in the morning.

William Safire exhorted writers to be positive, not negative.  What I need is a positive reminder to keep my attitude friendly and kind.  Encouraging, not condescending.  Help!